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New Mouth Guard Policy

New Mouth Guard Policy effective Dec 1, 2013



Dear Parents,


Today, our club is announcing a new policy requiring the use of mouth guards by all of our member players in practices, competitions and other ‚Äúin-water‚ÄĚ club-sponsored programs.The new policy will be effective at the start of our Winter Session,¬†December 1, 2013, after which athletes will not be permitted to participate in contact-related practice activities or in competitions,¬†unless they are using some form of mouth guard protection¬†or have an approved temporary exception to the policy. Our coaches will enforce this policy on the pool deck.


Player safety and injury prevention are at the heart of this new policy. Many youth sports already require the use of mouth guards and it is our contention that the sport of water polo is headed in this direction as well. Over the past 15 months, we have experienced two dental-related injuries to our players and we certainly want do whatever is possible to mitigate the risk of these types of injuries from happening again. It is our understanding that the use of adequate mouth guards can prevent several types of dental injuries and there is even some suggestion (though no conclusive proof) that mouth guards can mitigate the impact and effects of concussions that originate from trauma to the lower face area.


Following is a link to an article on the use of mouth guards in youth sports. It is a brief article, but a useful resource in selecting the mouth guard that fits your specific budget and protection needs http://www.nationwidechildrens.org/mouth-guards-in-sports-a-necessary-piece-of-equipment  Perhaps the best piece of advice in this article and many others we have reviewed, is to consult with your family dentist on the use of mouth guards and what will be most appropriate for your child. Though it is important to note that our club is not taking a position on, nor recommending any particular mouth guard brand or type of mouth guard, we can provide you with some additional resource to help you in making your decision.


  • Standard Mouth Guards¬†- We know that standard, low cost mouth guards can be purchased in sporting goods stores.
  • Moldable Mouth Guards¬†- ¬†For something of a more custom, yet still low cost fit,¬†you might try CustMbite MVP mouth guards:¬†http://custmbite.com/mvp_mouthguard.htm¬†¬†We have a couple of our players using these already. The cost is around $14.99 each ‚Äď 19.99 each: Here is another link for the CustMBite product:¬†https://www.medco-athletics.com/Supply/Product.asp?Leaf_Id=242175¬† ¬†(Again, our club is NOT endorsing this product or its retailer(s) in any way. We are providing this for informational purposes only)
  • Custom Mouth Guards¬†‚Äď There are numerous options available for custom mouth guards that are created from a plaster impression of the teeth and then vacuum formed around the impression. These are likely to be higher cost but also a specific fit. USA Water Polo has a sponsored provider of such mouth guard product call Keystone Industries. Keystone‚Äôs product is called ProForm. They are only a manufacturer of the mouth guard material and of the vacuum form machines, but do have a network of dealers that can make the actual mouth guards. To contact Keystone for dealer information, call¬†1-800-333-3131¬†(Tiger Water Polo is not endorsing Keystone or its products. We are providing this for information only).¬†Your family dentist will also be a good source of information on custom mouth guards.


Again, with any of the above options, we suggest you start with your dentist.


Finally, we understand that there may be unique situations that may make complying with our policy’s effective date difficult. Where this is the case, you may consider a short term, lower cost option initially. If this is not possible. then we ask that you alert the coaches of your exception. If you have any questions, please feel free to send them to me atjimstar@consolidated.net


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