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Noodle Ball – Youth Polo

Tiger Water Polo offers many opportunities to the local community.  These programs are available to all those in or out of the local school district.

Noodle Ball is a fun, child-friendly way to get in the water and start enjoying the sport of water polo. Children are provided flotation and plenty of in-water supervision. Noodle Ball helps to build comfort and confidence in the water. It’s great exercise for young children and great way to begin to get connected to the Tiger Water Polo.

Youth Polo is the second stage of development for young athletes in the Tiger Water Polo program. This program is designed for those that can already swim and are comfortable in deep water.  Children will begin to learn more about water polo skills, game play and spend time in friendly games with new found teammates. Youth Polo provides a supportive environment for children to begin to consider a sport that they may want to pursue.

Middle School Polo: By the time the young athletes become middle school age, they are ready to learn more sport specific skills, get more involved team dynamics, play more competitively and increase their commitment toward improvement in one or two. Training sessions will be more frequent and opportunities will be presented to play in competitively in tournaments locally and regionally.

If your child/children would like to try out water polo or if you have any questions please contact Sherry Koehler at skoehler5@comcast.net or 724.498.6181.  





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